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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Winter Flu!

*sneeze, blow nose* It seems we can't catch a break in my home! *sneeze* What started out as a head cold for us, now has moved into some of our chests. Last week, my youngest ended up in the ER during a terrible Ice Storm that hit the Northeast. He had an asthma attack so bad that the poor kid was vomiting and having problems breathing from coughing so much. The 'teenager', and oldest, sounds like a hoarse dog barking. Not a nice description, but accurate. 'The Girl', and middle child, was out of commission for five days without a voice. She's showed us that while we love her with all our hearts, her future mate will have fun when she's sick. LOL She didn't get off the couch, went through three boxes of tissues, (trust me, she didn't need all of them). At one point, wanted me to help her drink some water, (I refused). LOL And announced, in a feeble voice, she was too sick and weak to change clothes! Good times! Good times!

So, Review Wednesday will continue next week. *blows nose* I'm just happy that all the kids are on the mending side of this. Oh...wait! My husband hasn't gotten it yet. RATS, one more kid to go!

Have a Sparkling Day!
Rebecca Rose

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