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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Review Wednesday: 'Sporting Wood'

Good morning and welcome to Review Wednesday! Today I have Cindy Spencer Pape's erotic short called, Sporting Wood. LOL Love the title!

Click here to view larger imageSo what happens when a werewolf and a dryad meet one night deep in the forest? Well,  instant passion and and Hot sex, of course.

Cooper can't get enough of his little Nymph, Kyla. He returns night after night and soon their forbidden union turns to love and it's up to Kyla to figure out how she can keep her man.
Warning: M/F erotic sex, talking trees and one naked man.

This is a really adorable short. With only 28 pages, readers get what they asked for. Ms. Pape did a wonderful job with character developmental in very few pages. And, her sub-character, Xera, helps breath life and fun into the plot.

*On a personal note: I wish there was more to this story. I wanted more love scenes, more talking, more everything. While the story was full as a short, my heart wished for a novella. I'm too much of a noisy person for shorts. :)

Congratulations Cindy Spencer Pape on Four Blue Rose! I wish Cooper and Kyla all the best!!
Cindy Spencer Pape's Website: 
Have a Sparkling Day!
Rebecca Rose

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