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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Review Wednesday: 'Cowboys Dream Too'

It's sooooo good to be back! I've survived the last few weeks and the major snow and ice storms here in the Northeast. *wipes brow* So, with the ice cracking and sliding down my roof. Cars still crawling along mucky roads with ice covered vehicles, I present Morgan Q. O'Reilly's, Cowboys Dream Too.

cowboys dream too by Morgan Q. O'ReillyGray knew his love was out there. It was only a matter of time until they met. All his life he'd been preparing for that day. When it finally came during a quick stop in Vegas, Gray had to hold himself back to not look like a crazed stacker. She was exactly how he'd visioned her in his dreams, and he couldn't wait for her to realize he was her one true love throughout time.

Reed was used to her friend Sam getting all the attention. After all, she was tall and beautiful, not short and fully curved, like herself. So, when the devilishly handsome Gray announced that Reed was his interest, she was more than a little skeptical. Despite her better judgment, Reed agrees to a date with Gray and is treated to a night of unforgettable lovemaking. When he tells her he's in love with her and about a reoccurring dream he's had since teen hood, Reed must acknowledge that Gray might not be crazy after all. For she's had the same dream.

Together, Gray and Reed, they must find where they belong in this lifetime, while battling the demons that tried to tear them a part in the past.
Warning: F/M romance, fun riding lessons, and intriguing massages.

What can I say? It was a good book! For once it was the man who was the dreamer. The female wasn't a typical Barbie doll and the bad guy wasn't totally evil. Not that those things are bad, it's was just a nice refresher to read something different.

This is the second novel I've reviewed by Ms. O'Reilly and she proved herself to be a consistently well rounded author. I liked the touch of supernatural and the personal struggles that Reed needed to work through. Gray had his own complications he needed to face, and he did it without coming off as a 'macho man' or uncaring.

All and all, I found the humor and seduction a wonderfully well blended mix. Congratulations, Morgan Q. O'Reilly on Four Blue Roses!
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Have a Sparkling Day!
Rebecca Rose

Next week- Sporting Wood by Cindy Spencer Pape!


  1. Thank you so much for the glowing review! This book holds a special place in my heart, a tribute to the years I lived in Colorado. I'm so thrilled you enjoyed it.