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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Review Wednesday: 'Message of Love'

Welcome back to Review Wednesday! I'm excited to announce that today I have Liz Arnold's historic romance, Message of Love. So, without further ado...

Audra Wakely is living in a nightmare. Her father is being held by the Spanish garrison. Arrested for gunrunning for the Cuban insurgents while a revolution is going on. Now Audra must come up with a large sum of money to pay for his freedom and prove her father's innocence while getting to Cuba to make sure her family land and cigar business is still intact. But, the steely gray eyes of one U.S. Naval Lieutenant Rollins McBride puts a hamper on the urgency at hand. And, after a freak accident that put them a week behind on their travels, Audra finds herself confused and pinning for a man and life she couldn't possibly have nor want.

How's he supposed to keep himself in check when everything about Audra calls to him. She's feisty, beautiful, smart and determined to be an independent woman. But, one taste of her and Rollins can't keep his head straight, let alone his mission to protect her and find out who the real gunrunner is.

Cuba's a beautiful and dangerous land--not a place for blooming love. Rollins and Audra have a mission, but will they put it above their own hearts and lives to only be left with the Message of Love lost?
WARNING:M/F love and romance in historic times

I'm honored that Ms. Liz Arnold asked me to review this touching novel. The amount of knowledge she has of this time period was astounding while not overwhelming. It was real and a pleasure to lose myself in her world of adventure and deceit. Never did a moment lag. Never did my mind wonder to something else. I was fully engrossed from beginning to end. Arnold weaves a complicated tale with expert story telling and believable fun characters.
Hope you will pick up Message of Love. It's the perfect read for anytime, and one you will go back to again and again.
Congratulations Liz Arnold on Five Blue Roses!

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Have a Sparkling Day!
Rebecca Rose

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