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Friday, February 18, 2011

Crazy Authors

Who's crazy? Me? No, we all are! Temperamental, emotional, and neurotic, too. Authors are a rare people who tend to do the unexpected, say the unbelievable, and be unpredictable. We can put the 'F' in fun or the 'OH' in oh no! Our loved ones don't always understand us, but they tend to laugh with amusement when we do something that no one else would. We embarrass our children with stories of the past and our significant others with some of our actions. I'll be the first to admit, ADD is probably to blame. My office is only clean for about a day. Then a giant tornado comes through and rips is to shreds. Organization? I'm organized, at least in my mind. I know what chapter I'm working on. I know what characters are going to play in what role. I even know the road to the outcome, most of the time, beforehand. Why do I need all those tiny pieces of paper that float around my desk, taped to my walls and stuffed in my purse? Well... I had a brainstorm and needed to get the thought out. I've even fought with myself in the car to gauge my own reaction to have the right material to put down. Strange? Perhaps. But, it's my job.

So, what do we authors do when our feelings have been drained and our fight is no longer with us? What about when we're so tired from living in someone else's world of drama and, as a writer, need an escape? I'm not sure. I sometimes take some time off. But, then I'm left with the guilt of leaving my characters in limbo. After all, they want to move forward as much as I do. I often think going on to another project will work. However, I hate starting something without finishing the last. Even in home improvements one room gets done at a time. So, what to do? I say push forward! And, that's exactly what I have been doing even though I've been at a loss for about two months, now. The holiday season and the snow we've been pounded with has taken its toll. But, today I'm feeling the need to mess up my office like it hasn't been in awhile. The fifty degree weather outside is calling my inner voices out and I can't help but be happy because I've missed them talking to me. I knew it was only a matter of time till my muse would waken from her slumber. Unfortunately, she going to be pissed. Like any good boss, she'll have to keep me in overtime until I get caught up with all I'm behind on.

LOL My teenager just came into the room and asked who I was talking to.
"No one." I replied.
"Yeah, that's what I figured." he told me while shaking his head!
Oh, life is good. And, I'm glad that they all find me entertaining. After all, who better to brighten your day than a crazy author who talks to herself?

Have a Sparkling Day!
Rebecca Rose


  1. Wait...are you FINALLY admitting you're only organized on the inside?? I so love you!!!