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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Review Wednesday: 'Trouble in Chaps'

Hi everyone! Hope your holiday shopping is going well. Me? Haven't really started yet. Guess I should, eh?
Today I have Ciana Stone's erotic romance and the final book in the Sequence, Saddles, and Spurs series, Trouble in Chaps. I enjoyed this series, course I love cowboys so resisting this group of stories was impossible.

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Roxie has just broken down with her two friends in No-Mans-Land. She doesn't want to stay any longer than she has to so when Cliff offers her a job at his bar, Trouble in Chaps, it turns out he's the trouble. Roxie's gambling ways lead her into one sexual bet after another. Soon she discovers that if she wins, Cliff will pay for their trip out of town with spending money included. But, if she loses, Roxie has to stay for six month warming his bed.

Soon the prospect of leaving doesn't hold the sparkle it once had. Her two friends have settled in nice and really like the men they're with. Plus, Cliff has become an unexpected surprise to Roxie's guarded ways, and she can't help but develop feels she has no right having for him. Feeling more and more desperate to leave, Roxie soon discovers she might be the only one who wants to continue the reckless road trip. Or, does she?
WARNING: M/F situations and lots of forplay

This third novel wrapped the series up nice. I like how in each book you were able to keep up with the other characters. The unexpected twist in Trouble in Chaps helped cement this into an enjoyable and re-readable series. While I received my HEA, the end did tie up a little too neat for me. The loophole of time messed with the story and left me with too many questions. However, with such great characters and plot, I was sucked into this steamy story that took only one day to read.

Congratulations, Ms.Stone on receiving Four Blue Roses!
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Have a Sparkling Day!
Rebecca Rose

Next week, Erica Orloff's mystery/suspense, The Golden Girl


  1. Oh man this sounds awesome! And I love that cover... well, the top part of it. LOL. Awesome review Rebecca.