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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Review Wednesday: 'Fallen'

Good morning a welcome back to Review Wednesday! Today we have the Ann Simko's thriller, Fallen. So, if you like to sit on the edge of you seat and gnaw on your nails, here's on for you!

FallenDr. Dakota Thomas just sewed up a gun shot wound in his ER. The young Marine's only identification is his dog tags that couldn't possible be right. How could this boy have been born in 1898? Now, Dakota is on a mission to find out who this man is, why he was wondering around the desert alone, and who would want to kill him.

With a world forever trying to learn nature's secrets to live longer, how far will mankind go? And at what sacrifice?
Warning: combat situations and blood

Oh, my friend Ms. Ann Simko! What a wonderful weave. Most times I don't read thrillers and suspense because I have an uncanny ability to solve them. Not the case here. I didn't see the twists and turns to this awesome story and that is saying something! I felt for poor Ricco and screamed at Dakota. Montana was someone I didn't like until his mannerisms were explained with realistic detail.The story was fresh and something I'd never fathomed to imagine. LOL Now, I see it in the news everyday!

Looking for a thriller to get your blood flowing on these cold nights? Pick up Fallen, not only will you not be disappointed, you'll have two more books after it to finish up the tale.

Congratulations, Ann Simko on Five and half  Blue Roses! Absolutely, earned when you get an avid romance reader to buy the followups. :)

Have a Sparkling Day!
Rebecca Rose

Next week I'll have Book three in the Sequins, Saddles and Spurs series Trouble in Chaps.


  1. Sounds wonderful! Will check this one out.
    Liz Arnold
    The Wild Rose Press