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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Review Wednesday: 'The Golden Girl'

Wow, the arctic blast outside is felt on ever door handle in my New England home! Car door squeak when opened and windshield wipers are frozen in place. Nothing is escaping from the frigged cold and I need to remember that while my extremely curly hair will become ruthlessly messy and staticy, a hat is not an option to go without! Stay warm, everybody! And, curl up with a good book. 

Review Wednesday's topic today is Erica Orloff's suspense/mystery The Golden Girl.

book cover of 

The Golden Girl 

 (It Girls, book 1)


Erica Orloff

Madison Pruit just lost her best friend to unsavory circumstances. Unfortunately, she hadn't really talked to her in two years. Not after finding out that she was having an affair with Madison's father. But, the biggest shock is when it's relieved that her friend was murdered for being a whistleblower in her father's own company!

Now the heiress has turned into a spy to find the truth. Even if that means exposing her father as the murder and money embezzler.
Warning: none

The hardest part about being a reviewer, for me, is what to say when a book doesn't work out. The authors spend a considerable time perfecting their work and sometimes it still doesn't work out for some of the readers. This is what happened here.

While I love the concept of the book and I believe strong females are a must in the world, I couldn't get into this novel. It had all the elements of a good book-- suspense, mystery, love interest, conflict with characters and life. If you like all these things then I believe you'd enjoy this novel. I, however, wanted more on her new love. Plus, being that I'm very picky about my mystery novels, I found that this didn't satisfy my need to be surprised. Solved before the end, damn it! This is why my family won't watch movies like this with me. I ruin it for everyone--including myself.

In the end, Ms. Orloff does the writing world proud. And while this was totally not my kind of read, I believe anyone with a love for mystery/suspense would enjoy it.

Erica Orloff's website:

Have a Sparkling Day!
Rebecca Rose

Next week I'll have Alan Nayes romance, Barbary Point

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