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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Review Wednesday: 'Trouble in Cowboy Boots'

Welcome to Review Wednesday! Sometimes it's hard to believe how fast a week can go by. But, I have to say this little novella took no time to read. So, get on your chaps and spurs because Desiree Holt's erotic romance is a ride you won't soon forget.

Click here to view larger imageEmily Proctor is on an adventure to a new life after escaping Las Vegas with two of her best friends. She just never thought it would end in the quiet town of Mesa Blanco where the car they'd been riding in broke down. Now the girls are penniless, jobless and homeless.

One look at her and Wyatt Cavanaugh made some plans of his own. It'd been a while since a sexy lady with innocent eyes wondered into town. Especially one in need of a job. Well, he had one for her. It so happens Wyatt needs a cook for his ranch hands and Emily jumped at the prospect. Unfortunately for all his men, she'd never cooked a day in her life. But that's not what Wyatt wants to teach her, anyway. Soon he gives in to his desire and takes Emily on a sexual journey of BDSM.

Trust. A simple word and one Emily has to decide if she does. Wyatt is a cowboy and one with an appetite that is insatiable when it comes to sex. He's Trouble in Cowboy Boots, especially when her heart going back on their 'no strings attached' agreement.
WARNING: m/f romance, BDSM, and anal sex

Wow! I will fully admit I learned some things in this short and sexy novella. It had wonderfully full characters, though I did get the girls mixed up in the beginning. Wyatt was everything a cowboy should be-- sexy, built, caring and, Hot Damn!, virile. Emily's innocence to the ways of 'his sex' were honest and she wasn't fake with her willingness to learn. Unfortunately, I will have to say that in the beginning I wasn't feeling the attraction between the two. However, as soon as Wyatt staked his claim on her, the chemistry blazed! The female rival was delightfully played, while Emily's reserved nature had me spitting nails at her reaction to the 'threat'. Of course, I'm a chew 'em up and spit 'em out kinda woman.

All and all, I enjoyed this sexual journey so much I'll be reviewing the followup next week-- Trouble in a Stetson by Regina Carlysle.

In need of a read that will get you ready for a Hot night of kinky sex? Here you go, with no disappointments!
Congratulations, Desiree Holt on Three and a Half Blue Roses.
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  1. I've been looking for more cowboy erotic romance reads lately. Someone asked me for a rec the other day and I was amazed I didn't have more. Thanks!

  2. Desiree and cowboys...great combination...she writes about them with such realism you feel like you're standing there, waiting to join the story!
    Congrats on the review!

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Sondrae and Marianne!