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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Review Wednesday: 'Desire in the Dark'

Good morning everyone! I'm so excited because it is the first day of school for my children. *giggles* They were moaning a groaning this morning. Hee hee hee.

Today on Review Wednesday we have Naima Simone's erotic romance, Desire in the Dark.

Click here to view larger imageIt's storming in new Eden, Washington, and not just because of the rolling thunder and lightening outside of Mac Dunn's office. No, it's the petite sexy red-head sitting across from him that's causing the storm inside. She's just confessed to being abstinent for two years and now is asking for Mac to take care of her. How can he refuse his friend who is in obvious need?

Alise Layton has been in love with Mac since the day she moved to New Eden. But, he's never showed any interest other than being friends. Now, she's confessed her need and he's looking hungry and wanting. Could it be that he's actually been covering up his feelings for her all this time? Only one way to find out, and Alise takes her chance at finding Desire in the Dark when the town blacks out.
Warning: erotic romance with heart.

Oh, Ms. Simone! The blurb to this short left my imagination ignited while the read was tantalizing. The characters were connected, the story had no holes, and my editors mind forgot to work! At the end of this story I looked for another page and was disappointed that it was done! I even pouted, a little.

If you're looking for a quickie to jump start your libido, Desire in the Dark will do it! Congratulations Naima Simone on Five Blue Roses!
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Have a Sparkling Day!
Rebecca Rose


  1. Nice review Rebecca. I've read a couple of the "naughty nooners" but not this one in particular. Sounds like a good one though!

  2. I love Naima's writing! Hot! Hot! Hot! and sexy and heartwarming and ... did I mention I LOVE her writing?

  3. Hi, Rebecca!
    Wow! I'm alternating between grinning like a fool and grinning like a maniac! LOL! Thank you so much for the review and I'm so glad you enjoyed Desire in the Dark. I pouted! LOL! That feels awesome! Thanks again!

    And Nina...the sentiment is completely mutual!! Your name and titles have their own section on my eReader!

  4. I'm so glad all of you could stop by!
    Naima, it was--as Nina said--HOT! HOT! HOT! :)

    Rebecca Rose