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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Review Wednesday: 'Talk of the Town'

Hello everyone! It's so nice to be back. Sorry for the two week lag. Things have been extra crazy in my home. Three kids in three different schools and unexpected turn of events kept me from Betty (my laptop). But, I'm back and ready!! So here we go. :)

Today I have the contemporary romance Talk of the Town by Karen Hawkins. It is the first in a two book series. So, sit back and discover what a woman looking for trouble, or maybe it's just herself, can get into.
Talk of the Town by Karen Hawkins: Download CoverRoxanne Lynne Treymayne Parker is a woman on a mission. Life and love have done her wrong and she's decided to see how the 'bad girls' live. Why, not? She's always been the 'good girl' and look what's happened! She's divorced and only has a cheating husband to show for the time she's put into a loveless marriage. Unfortunately, her brother shows up during her wallowing with bags of chips, and announces their mother has had a heart attack and they need to go back to Glory. But, Roxanne hasn't even told her mother about the divorce, yet!

Nick Sheppard is the town of Glory's law. He'd been the bad boy breaking the rules, now he's the one enforcing it. But fate has just thrown Nick off is straight-arrow road. In front of him is a hot red Mustang with the reason he'd spent years away from his hometown sitting inside. Roxie Treymayne, love of his life, reason he's still alone. Except, this isn't the woman he remembers. This one has trouble written all over her and Nick knows he needs to stay away. But, how?

Come and be a witness to the change of roles when the 'good' become the 'bad', and escaping to freedom is only a touch away when Nick and Roxie become The Talk of the Town!
Warning: M/F romance on an officers desk, Yay-whoo! And drug busts.

Karen Hawkins, you are a creator of worlds which come alive and breath with every word you type! I first read Lois Lane Tells All, back in August, and found it was the second of a two book series. Now, always being the nosy person that I am, I had to read the first. Talk of the Town did not disappoint! Not only did I connect with Roxie wanting to change everything about herself, but being a some-what rebellious teen, I could understand Nick's hesitation from his past as an officer and a teen. The Mystery Club kept me in stitches and I'm so happy they were brought back in the second book.

Thank you Karen for bringing these character to life and sharing them with us! Talk of the Town receives Five Blue Roses for making me laugh out loud and read parts to my husband for him to enjoy! 

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Rebecca Rose


  1. Thanks so much Rebecca Sparkly girl for commenting the other day on my guest blog spot. I popped over here to check you out - You rock girl! Great post from Karen also. Have a great day.

  2. Your so welcome, Renee! Thanks for stopping in. :)