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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Review Wednesday: 'Lois Lane Tells All'

It's Review Wednesday, so get on your Superman capes or your Lois Lane shoes because Karen Hawkins brings us on a romantic adventure. I had the pleasure of requiring this book through Romance In The Backseat's web conference back in March and I have to say, Thank You!

Lois Lane Tells AllSusan Collins, AKA Lois Lane, wants to be a serious reporter. But the quiet town of Glory, North Carolina doesn't have too many juicy stories besides the bake-off at the local Baptist Church. Susan loves where she lives and knows everyone, except the new account for her towns failing paper- and the one she works for.

Mark Tremayne is not staying in Glory. He's a city man with a successful accounting business that he's put on the side for his sister's failing paper. The last thing he needed was some sassy, sexy, red-head giving him trouble. And that's exactly what Susan does-with her lips and perfectly fitted jeans. He wants to stay away, he wants to leave the little town where everyone knows everything, but from the instant Susan's lips first touched his, Mark's nerves of steel withered.

When these two worlds collide, from mutual attraction, the town of Glory will never be the same.
Warning: M/F, Steamy love scene in a broken elevator and a really big puppy

LOL What a fun book! The physical attraction was wonderfully written while the elderly sub-characters made me laugh with their shenanigans. Susan was multi-layered and vulnerable while her Clark Kent was strong and dependable. I actually reread this novel right after finishing it because there was just something so special about the fun.
If you're looking for a relaxing read with lots of fun and flirting, this is your book!
Congratulations Karen Hawkins on Four Blue Roses!
 Karen Hawkins fan page:!/pages/Karen-Hawkins/287333464678?ref=ts 

Have a Sparkling Day!
Rebecca Rose


  1. Maybe it's the geek in me but anything that combines comic books and romance makes me happy. This is one I'll definitely have to check out.

  2. LOL I'm so totally the same way! Guess we're both comic book geeks. :)
    Thanks for stopping by and have a sparkling day!

    Rebecca Rose