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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Review Wednesday: 'Lost and Found''s Review Wednesday! Today we have M.S. Spencer's mystery romance, Lost and Found.

Rose Culloden is on a mission. Her husband has disappeared and she's on his trail. What kind of trouble could he have been in to leave without saying a word? She needs to talk to him. Rose needs to know he's okay and if there is anyway she can help. But this undertaking takes Rose to Maine and right into James Stewart's arms where she finds more than comfort.
Quiet, grumpy, and aloof, James is not a man to waste time on niceties. However, his first look at Rose had him scheming to get her in bed. What he didn't count on was the baggage she'd bring with her and his heart holding on, even when time and distance threaten to separate them.

Together, Rose and James start a relationship that defies the rules. While she must finish what she's started, James must come to terms with the fact that there is another man in his woman's life. What will happen when Rose does find her lost husband? Will she go back to him? Or will she be the one who is Lost and Found?
WARNING: Sex, love, and betrayal.

M.S. Spencer has quickly become one of my favorite reads. Her vulnerable female characters make me want to scream. They are the perfect example of a women in the crossroads of life. They rebirth in her books and move the story forward. In a world of strong female characters, where the woman is the heroine and the man in need of saving, it's nice to read something different. Rose is real, because we've all met a woman like her. You know, the chick you want to shake some sense into?

Lost and Found is about a woman in need of saving herself and James is the perfect complement to her. He's strong and pulls no punches--what you see is what you get. His prickly demeanor made me laugh, while is own insecurities made him 'real'.

Congratulations, M.S. Spencer on another wonderful novel and Four Blue Roses!
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