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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Song Story

So, here I am watching a Neil Young live performance on DVD. While some of you might be too young to remember him, as I am- somewhat- I must acknowledge that music is huge when it comes to my writing. If I’m writing a love scene, there is sultry, sexy, get down and dirty music on. If it’s a pivotal point in my story, where one of my two lucky characters realize that this is where they must sink or swim, I have inspirational.

For instance, right now Neil is singing about how One of These Days he’s going to write a long letter to all the people who’ve made a difference in his life. Why hasn’t he already done this? What’s stopped him? Is it too emotionally difficult? How many of us have wanted to say ‘thank you’ and just never did it either because we just didn’t have time, or it seemed as if too much time has passed? This could be a plot in a story, right?

I like telling stories with feeling. I need to not just show you, I want you to feel--and feel deep. It’s music that has been a major influence on my writing. It helps with the telling of my stories. Tom Petty’s Refugee, tells the story of a man in a relationship with a woman who has a past which keeps getting in the way of their relationship. Now, when Melissa Etherege redid the song, you see an entirely different meaning. She starts the video talking to herself in the mirror and she’s the one under the bed hiding--for she is the Refugee and trying to talk herself out of it. I actually based most of my second book off of this song and Peter Gabriel’s, Salisbury Hill.

There is something about music that moves me. It makes me want to write. I use music in my Young Creative Writers class to show my students how you can make a whole story--emotions, characters, and theme--out of few words and still give the impact you’re hoping for.

Here’s a challenge for you. I’m a country girl. Yes, I like how they lose their trucks, dogs and girls, then get’em all back when you play the song backwards! LOL But, I’ve also find so many good stories with this genre. So, here’s one I’d like to share. Trisha Yearwood did a beautiful song called, This is Me You’re Talking To. It’s a perfect song and I believe you’ll agree. So listen and write their story. You’re be surprised what happens when you stop thinking and just start feeling. J

Have a Sparkling Day!

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