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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Review: 'Lost In His Arms'

Welcome to Review Wednesday! *streamer flying through the air and music turned up* I wanted to dance around the room when I finished this weeks review. Now I'm an honest reviewer, and as one, I'm always nervous when I start a novel. What if I don't like it? What if it's not my read or filled to the brim with holes and grammar mishaps? Well my fellow readers and authors-- this is not something I had to worry about with M.S. Spencer's debut novel, Lost In His Arms. A star is born!

Product DetailsChloe Gray's air conditioner is broken. It has to be a hundred and fifty degrees inside and hundred and ten, out. She has a deadline to meet and an instant attraction to the man in the white crisp shirt who's here to save the day. Or is he? The instant attraction to this stranger is beyond comprehension. He doesn't say much, yet when she looks into his eyes, she feels the pull of love at first site.

Ray Wheeler is on a mission. Literally. His job is danger, and so is his cover as a repairman when he meets the intriguing, Chloe Gray. She could jeopardize everything he'd been working years to uncover. He has no doubts that she's the love of his life, however, now he must leave for an infinite amount of time. But before he goes, Ray tells Chloe his real name and where he's going; in hopes she'll wait for him.

What happens when a love of a lifetime is tested to the limits. When you can't distinguish between truth and lies. Where does the heart go for comfort and the mind to rest? Paris, Madrid, Washington, DC? And when do give in to the terrorists threatening that love? A love that ignited when you became Lost In His Arms.
Warning: sexual situations, and nail biting intrigue. 

Applause all around! M.S. Spencer dotted all the I's with this novel. Suspense, mystery, romance. While at the beginning I wondered what would happen to our hero and his love. They had spent so little time together, yet is sustained them through so much. Like a good movie, the tale built until you found yourself grinding your teeth from uneasiness. What a feeling! Ms. Spencer knew her stuff when it came to the political world of Washington, DC. And she never had me questioning the truthfulness of her knowledge. Plus, and I'm patting my own back here, I'm the person who never goes to see mysteries. They don't pull at me because I figure them out in ten to fifteen minutes. Thank you, M.S. Spencer! I never saw it coming and it was a pleasant surprise. :)
Congratulation M.S. Spencer! I don't believe Five Blue Rose's is enough so I'll give you a gold one on top of them.

M.S. Spencer's website: 

Have a Sparkling Day!
Rebecca Rose

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