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Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Beginnings

Happy Monday!

Yeah, for the lucky few who don't have to wake up on Mondays and go to work, this isn't for you. Or is it?

As a writer, I tend to make my own schedule. This takes self discipline and hours of none distraction. Of course, with three children running around the house during summer vacation, and countless things that need to be done, the obvious thing to do is not work. But alas, I have to draw the line somewhere. A paycheck is a paycheck and in an economic downturn, everyone needs what they can get.

My daily schedule runs like this: Get up and brew a STRONG cup of coffee. Hit the shower and referee fighting while trying to rinse my hair. Make sure the cretins are dressed and don't smell after they have had a breakfast of good healthy cereal. (Not kidding. I'm a nut with breakfast. Only one sugar cereal and the rest are healthy, like Kashi.) I then try to sit down and do my blog, which is why the last few Mondays it has been late. Now it's lunch time. Everyone is sick of hamburgs, hot dogs and sandwiches, so I magically whip something up that everyone complains about or eats knowing that I'll probably let them starve, otherwise. (Hey, they're old enough to make something for themselves. If they don't like it- make something yourself and don't complain! Mother's rule.)

The clock strikes one and I hurry to my computer to sort through at least 200 emails. Then I do about an hour of promotional work and get to my writing. During this time, I have at least one of the children enter my dungeon, (my office has no windows) and ask, complain, or worry over something. I tell them, with my hand palm out- IGNORE ME! This is taken literally and now I hear Guitar Hero or the WII being played upstairs. I can't complain because I just said that I wasn't here and to pretty much do what you must to occupy your time. After two hours, the games have stopped, kids are getting hungry and my husband will be home soon. I've gotten my blog done, hopefully. I've written 1500-2000 words, and maybe edited something.

The husband is home. LOL He looks around the house that I've neglected all day, asked the kids what they've done "to help your mother" and they cheerfully say, "We left her alone!" LOL I LOVE SUMMER VACATION!

Have a Sparkling Day!

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