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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Review: Angel's Master

Angel's Master Cover

It's Review Wednesday! Today we have the spunky Sandra Sookoo who always amazes me with her cross genre writing. Enjoy!

 Ethan Williams is a pirate with a conscience. He's tired of being alone and his ways of plundering and killing have left him empty.

 Jacqueline Massey was born into the American Navy. Her father has placed her in danger by making it her job to trick men into admitting they're are pirates, which sends them to their death. Her guilt over this is only equaled by her father's dismissal of her need to be loved.

Together, Ethan and Jacqueline must fight for their blooming love in hopes that Davy Jones locker doesn't drown them first. 
Warning: Loss of innocence and  tender love scenes

Miss Sandra Sookoo has done it again!
It's not often you find a book that packs so much information, action and love into a novella, but Angel's Master does just this. While I'm a multiple book reader, this novel demanded my attention and forced me to drop all else.
Congratulations Ms. Sookoo on Five Blue Roses!
Sandra Sookoo's website: 

Have a Sparkling Day!
Rebecca Rose


  1. Great review. She writes great books!
    Sue B

  2. Thanks for stopping by Sue!
    Sandra amazes me with her imagination an ability to write book after book. A true story teller. :)

    Rebecca Rose