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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Review: Nothing But Sex

Welcome to Review Wednesday! Today we have the erotic romance Nothing But Sex by Fran Lee. This tantalizing story is a standalone in the Cougar Challenge Series.

Lee Blackhorse scoffed at the challenge to become a cougar by her friends at Tempt the Cougar. As a forty-two-year-old woman who's feeling defeated and used up by her ex, Lee feels she has no right to be looking in the directions of Mike Running Elk; her weekend helper since he was eighteen. In tight t-shirts and jeans, Mike is the vision Lee sees in everyone of her fantasies. 

Mike Running Elk is a man on a mission. For the past twelve years he has remained working for Lee even though he's more than financially sound. She's the woman of his dreams and when he finds his opportunity to show Lee just what he's been fantasying about doing to her, he takes the challenge with hot seeded desire. But Mike now has to convince Lee he wants to give her more than one night of erotic wild passion and that their growing relationship is more than Nothing But Sex!

Ms. Lee, I thank you for your Cougar Challenge! Knowing a few Cougars I have to say your depiction of their uncertainty is right on. The book is emotionally charged with her dirt ball ex showing up. This awful excuse of a man adds to the realism of the story and helps the reader to understand why Lee is so timid with Mike, yet strong when it comes to her life and standing on her own. Mike is a wonderful male specimen who believes in tradition and being a one-woman-man. Plus, he's hot beyond belief and makes any woman reading this full bodied tale want a piece of his... sorry... my imagination is getting away with me.  LOL

Congratulation Fran Lee on Four Blue Roses!
WARNING: M/F romance, anal sex, a physical altercation, and delicious erotic fun with waffles
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