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Friday, June 18, 2010

Eye Candy and Starting Stories

Good morning Friday! Lets start today with some eye candy! YUMMY

I really want to know where those hands are! *fans herself* This man rocks my world!

growly hugh in towel

So I started a new novel yesterday. I was on my way to work when the imagine came to me. It was just that simple. And while I have many ideas for different stories they don't get written down until I find out how they begin.

For many authors, the beginning is the hardest part. I can see where they are coming from because without that strong start your readers are going to drop the book like a ton of bricks.

So far all my novels have started while I'm in my car. Maybe because at those times I was alone with the music playing. It's much easier to get things done when the three kids aren't in the car touching one another, fighting about Punch Buggies and talking over each other. LOL

So how to start a story? Well... I guess it depends on what you're writing about. I like to start mine with some kind of conflict. Whether between two characters or with themselves. My first novel, Divine Turmoil, started with Serena arguing with herself about having to move home. (She really didn't want to do that.) My second, Divine Redemption, begins with a defining moment and a gun shot. This latest adventure, and dare I say I already love it, begins with a woman starting a new job. She's now a manager at a bar-n-grill and her new boss is showing her around. When they get to her office she's surprised to find a man snoring on her couch in only boxers. Hee hee hee. He's hung over and can't find his clothes! These characters grew into fun sarcastic people which I enjoyed to a point that my eyes began to cross and my fingers started to cramp.With 4,600 words written I had to call it a night. I can't wait to find out today what is going to happen next.

How do you start your stories? Is there a formula you follow? Lets share. :)

Have a Sparkling Day!
Rebecca Rose


  1. I try to start in the middle of a scene in the hopes of avoiding the dreaded "info dump." It usually works really well if I start with a lot of action.

    Hugh Jackman is the *bestest* eye candy! ;-)

  2. The 'info jump' is horrible but necessary. I sometimes get bored and try to rush it but then regret it when I have to go back. :(

    BTW I'm obsessed with Hugh! He's just so damn perfect. *swoons*