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Monday, June 21, 2010

He's graduated!!

Hello everyone and welcome to Manic Monday!

Today my oldest graduated from the 8th grade. In most towns this isn't a really big thing, but here in my small town it's an accomplishment that is rewarded with a graduation type ceremony.

I can't express what I felt seeing my son walk up and receive his certificate and report card. We both worked so hard for this and I'm speechless with admiration on what he's accomplished this year. What started first quarter and lasted into the end of second was a boy lost in the academic world. Things have always come easily for him and with it the feeling of 'why bother' came into being. Anyone who has, or had, a teenager understands what it's like to push and pull on dead weight. If they don't want to budge, then they won't. Lucky for my husband and I, our son realized that he was hindering himself and smartened up.

As one of his last projects he needed to write something to the 7th graders so they would get a glimpse into what it was going to be like in 8th. He put all sorts of things on it like, do your homework AND turn it in because you'll fail if you don't. Don't give in when pressured into doing things you shouldn't and treat people like you want to be treated.

As a mother I couldn't be more proud-- then I read his Honoring Others. This is what he wrote:
I'd like to dedicate this to my Mother for all the encouragement throughout the school year and her ability not to lose her mind from my incessant procrastination and laziness. But it's thanks to her I'll pass 8th grade this year. Mom, keep up the good work. One down, two to go!
I honestly think there is a writer in there and I'm so overwhelmed with love that the tears just keep going.

Just needed to share this special day with you!

Rebecca Rose

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