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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter Hibernation

Hello everyone!

While it has been a while since I've written this doesn't mean I haven't  been thinking about all of you. Life is always busy for me through the Winter. Not sure why but I always seem to have more time Spring through Fall. Maybe it's because I try to occupy myself with things to do so that I don't get the dreaded Winter Blues. Or maybe it's just because I really am crazy during this time of year. Anyway, I always hibernate and when doing so I tend to get a lot done with thinking I've accomplished nothing at all. Anyone ever feel that way? Sort of like being tired from doing nothing. (which I swear I haven't been doing!) LOL

The new year started with the dreaded flu. Yes, we get this every year and it continually kicks my butt for at least a month. Then it hits the three children. YUK With their flu there always seems to be an abundance of bodily fluids excreting from different orifices. FUN TIMES in my home! lol  Once we're done with this, we start the, "Oh my God this house is a mess! I swear I'm going to throw everything out!" Now I start the very slow process of going through the children's rooms and making them get rid of the clutter. (easier said than done with a teenager in the house; I still haven't found his floor.)

Our daughter this year asked if she could have her room remodeled for her birthday. Obviously I wasn't thinking clearly when I said, "Sure, it'll be fun!" Now this might seem like an easy paint job but not in my house. OH NO, we can't do anything the easy way.
For example: The oldest wanted his room redone like a castle because he has a thing for dragons. Now his walls are textured to look like mossy castles walls with black shelves displaying the many dragons he's collected over the years along with larger ones fastened to the ceiling. It's very neat! Even the outlet covers are covered to enhance the room.
So, we started the girls room. A project that shouldn't have taken more than two weeks. What is it they say about the best laid plans? Yeah, that's what I thought! So, we made the opening to her closet bigger, put shelving in there so we could get rid of the dresser. Ordered a loft bed because her room is actually pretty small and stalled.........yup stalled. After sanding and re-varnishing the wood floor, painting the walls, and handing the curtains, I stopped. No closet doors, no TV hung on the wall so she can watch it in bed, and no more time. With some defense to me, my mother is coming over every few days to finish painting the murals on the walls. My daughter wanted Black Bears with trees and such. She'd like to feel as if she's sleeping outside. (No, she's not asking much! LOL) I've decided, as with my writing, I'm going to put a deadline on this colossal project that I took on while in the editing process of my second novel, Divine Redemption, editing blurbs for Lyrical Press, and reviewing novels for Classic Romance Revival. She will absolutely, positively, without a doubt, have her room done by Spring. This gives me another month to talk my mother into finishing that which I've started. After all, she is the one who put the idea in my daughter's head in the first place. Hee hee hee.

And that's what I've been up to. My little slice of heaven has been flu infested with paint and varnish! But it looks soooo far! lol


  1. Hi! So glad that flu is behind you. Nothing worse. Yuck!!

  2. Hi Rebecca!
    Wow. I have to tell you 5 weeks of the flu was enough for us. LOL I NEED SPRING