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Saturday, March 13, 2010

No More Writing Worries

“You want me to write about what?” I can’t tell you the times I’ve thought this while sitting in class; the blank sheet of paper before me beckoning for a story to be told. I look at the writing prompt again and strain with my eyes trying to see beyond the obvious and into my imagination. What will spark it this time? What word in that one sentence exercise will ignite me into a writing frenzy?

Some writers have good luck charms that they hold close and rub as if it’s a Genie bottle, waiting for their muse to appear. Others can just magically pull from the deep abyss of their imagination and write an All American Classic. But me? The mood hits like a freight train barreling down on me. I stand with my arms spread wide welcoming the energy it will infuse into my very core. I don’t write leisurely or for fun. It’s a necessity that has taken over me, one which was never a silly hobby.

I wrote my first novel before I told anyone, except the few close to me. I even had a writing job for a local magazine which came as a surprise to many because I never discussed my new found love, or should I say obsession with anyone. Then the cat was let out of the bag. It screeched and growled with anger at me. Why did I not tell anyone? Was I ashamed this is what I needed to do with my life? No. As a matter of fact, I was afraid of peoples’ responses. If they didn’t take me seriously how would that affect my writing? How would it affect my heart? Something which I put on a platter and serve to my readers each and ever time I sit to tell a tale. My angry feline friend said, “Who cares? You do it because you love it. Do it because it makes you happy!” She is right and now I try to teach this to other authors who are struggling to find their voices and be seen as a professional and not as a dreamer of the unobtainable.

November 2009 was a month of justification for me. With my debut novel Divine Turmoil’s release, I was able to prove I could do it. I was good enough and disciplined enough to put into this profession what it requires of me. Imagine my surprise when I realized the only true person I was worried about not taking me seriously was myself! Now I have my next novel Divine Redemption coming out at the end of summer and I've proved to myself, once again, that I have what it takes.

So to all you readers, who feel there is a story inside of you waiting to be told and are worried about what people are going to say, don’t be. In the end it is only you who determines the outcome of your journey. Remember with every word typed, with each page written, you are weaving a tale that could become the next Classic. So romance, scare, entice, mystify and find new worlds. There is no greater validation then saying ‘I told you, you could do it’ to yourself.

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