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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday Review!

Today I have Paige Tyler's Good Cop, Bad Girl. The title makes me gitty! So, without further ado-- *condoms and lube scattered about the room* LOL Here we go!
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It's Julie Hanson's surprise birthday party and Officer Kirk Chandler just showed up at her door with a noise complaint. She thinks he's a
stripper her friends have hired and propositions him to give her a birthday spanking. When his radio talks, letting him know where he's needed next, Julie is dumb struck by her mistake.

Julie doesn't expect to see him again, but Kirk shows up at her door with a gift and an offer to give her a much deserved spanking.

So, what happens when a Good Cop, Bad Girl get together? Why a paddling good time!

Warning: M/F explicit erotic sex in all sorts of fun positions with spankings.

I figured I'd get the WARNING out of the way first. LOL This short story was a long delicious sex scene with mutual attraction. I liked that it wasn't written as a raunchy sex fest between two strangers with no hope at a future together. He took his time kissing her first, and that means a lot to anyone who's new to erotic reads. It also established me as a Paige Tyler reader.

Looking for a short read that packs a sexual punch? Good Cop, Bad Girl will fill your fantasy about those hunky men in blue!
Congratulations Paige Tyler on Five Blue Stars! It got my mind wandering to naughty things. :)

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Have a Sparkling Day!
Rebecca Rose 

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