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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Review: 'A Lady Never Tells'

A Lady Never Tells

Today on Review Wednesday is Candace Camp's A Lady Never Tells. I acquired this novel from Romance in the Backseat when I attended their Blog conference back in March; and I have to tell you the three days of that intense conference was well worth the time and money. I learned so much more than I thought possible when it comes to blogging. Of course that is for another blog. :) 

So without much ado (confetti falling from the ceiling) I present the sophisticated historic romance by Candace Camp, A Lady Never Tells.

 Mary Bascombe is a woman on a mission. With her father died her mother confessing, moments before dieing, she is granddaughter to the Earl of Stewkesbury. Now Mary must cross the dangerous waters of the Atlantic with her three sisters in hopes for a better life. They leave behind all they know, including a sinister step-father who wishes to sell the girls for profit. The four young woman are an independent and wildly bunch who stick together when danger arises and someone tries kidnapping their sister, Rose.

Sir Royce Winslow is a man in the right place at the right time. When the girls papers are stolen, which will prove who they are to the Earl, Royce apprehends the culprit. He lays eyes on the four feisty woman but it is Mary that pulls at his heart. When he learns of their lineage, Royce brings them to see the predecessor to the Earl, whom is his step brother through marriage. The girls are then sent to Willowmere, the earl's country estate, to be polished and learn the ways of an English Lady. However, Royce can't help himself and he joins them. Mary is a welcomed relief to the stuffy and rule abiding ladies he's used to. Now, if only he can only keep the girls safe and win Mary's heart, the world would be perfect.

I was very submerged in this novel. Actually, today I looked for the followup to it so that I can put it on my TRL (to read list). Being one who has read very few historic novels, I found Ms. Camp's rendition of the time knowledgeable and believable. I could see the dresses and male attire clearly, hear their way of talk and understand what was expected of them during this age of time. The emotional and sexually pull between the two main characters was brilliantly played out and I didn't mind having to wait close to 230 pages for them to finally consummate their yearnings. I can fully admit, I appreciate a good sex scene and I wasn't disappointed. All and all, the book was a wonderful read which had me thirsting for more. In the next few weeks I'm positive you will find the next book in the series on here.
Warning: F/M romance, loss of innocence
Congratulations, Candace Camp on Four Blue Roses!
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  1. Congrats on the great review...sounds like a wonderful historical!