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Monday, May 17, 2010

Resolutions and Red Dresses

So here I sit. It's 9:30 at night and all the kids are in bed. My muse has been trying to up start me into writing while my brain keeps telling me it's time to go to bed. I'm one of those people that moves all the time. My energy seems to be boundless until that one day I stop....and that's the end of it for at least a week.

As a child I can't even imagine what I was like. While I'm a fairly quiet person (until I get to know you) I do tend to run circles around others while still remaining the wallflower I love to be. This odd combination doesn't always work to my advantage. For instance, this Saturday I'm going to a wedding with my cousin, Jessica. She's fun, sometimes loud, and an absolute beauty. Standing next to her I feel small, not just because I'm short, but because she commands a room. Her entrance is noted by every woman and man. She can smile and flirt, be sassy and hold an intelligent conversation all at the same time. These things I hope to learn the technique for by watching her. Yet, my nervousness holds me back. I want to be on the dance floor. I want to be the woman that people say, "Hey! Remember the woman in red? She was so much fun!" But alas, that's not me. All my energy gets sucked out of my core as soon as I walk into a gathering of 10 or more people. A crowbar helps when moving me from my table or chair. LOL

But I made a resolution this year. Actually, I made a few.
1. I wanted to sign two book contracts. DONE
2. Wanted Divine Turmoil to come out in print. DONE-- Will be out in print August 1!
3. Get Divine Redemption out this year in Ebook. DONE-- September 20th. YEAH!!
4. To stop being so socially awkward. Uuummm.... ya working on that.

As an author we tend to be solo for most of our time. I don't count the distractions from children or our significant others. Those are more than likely the ones who give us something to write about. I'm talking about the 8 hour days when the only person you've talked to is the glowing screen that chirps every now and then when you're typing too fast and it can't keep up.

So now it's 9:35. Yes, I can type very fast but we won't count all the typos! :)  There are reviews that need to be written, edits that need to be done, and tomorrows lunches in need of being made. But I'm not going to worry about that, and I don't want to use what energy I have left do them. I guess I'll go down to my bedroom and curl up with a book. Naw... instead of reading I'm going to go to my closet and see what dresses I have for the wedding. You know come to think of it, I believe I have a Red dress somewhere in there!

Rebecca Rose

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