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Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Day Under The Sink

Some days I just don't feel like a romance author. The need to be 'ON' at all times can be aggravating and debilitating to your muse when you're in the 'OFF' mode. I can't imagine how pole dancers feel when they have to go out and preform when the feeling of sexuality just isn't with them. This morning I had that feeling. I woke to Spring vacation, which entails my three children being home all week with "Nothing to do". I stumbled into the kitchen and grabbed my coffee cup to fill with water. Life is not possible without coffee and if everyone wants to live with a pleasant mother I must have this bitter tasting addictive substance. So, there I am at the sink, coffee cup in hand. I reach forward and turn on the tap all the while beautiful morning dreams of this dark liquid swill threw my head. Salvation is a perk away. The faucet handle glides up with the power of my hand. Children are already fighting about cereal behind me, my husband is audibly complaining about how they're lucky to have cereal. The water starts to spurt out into my cup as the sink sprayer gets me full on the chest. Silence ensues behind me as unidentifiable words come out of my mouth. I slam the faucet handle down and stare in disbelief. My first thought was the children were playing a prank on me and it wasn't even April Fools Day. Then I looked at the sprayer where there was no tape because it was broken. This started a series of events that defined my day as, "Mom is not in the mood".

My husband had to work this day so that left me to tackle the plumbing task. Now, I learned young that as a woman I needed to know a little about everything, otherwise my purse will be empty even of the change I save for summer vacation. So off to Home Depot I go with my two youngest in tow. The teenager stayed home because he can't be seen with me anymore. We get a spray and head home. After calling upon my Yoga days and contorting myself into an awkward and uncomfortable position, I change the sprayer with little trouble. Until the teenager turns on the water for me and I'm sprayed once again. Now I'm off to the store to purchase new faucet connectors. (the bendy hoses that connect your pipes to the faucet.) My daughter comes with me again because I think she was trying to lift my mood. It was working too-- until I went to pay for them and found out I forgot my bank cards at home and my husband grabbed all my money bills. On the way home to fetch my ATM card, my daughter decided the ride back to the store wasn't worth risking her life. I must have been pretty scary!

Now this whole time the only thing going through my brain was, "Damn I have a lot of editing to do! I'm now 3 hours behind!" In the end I was 4 hours and 30 minutes behind, but who's counting. The intense deadlines and pressures us writers put upon ourselves is awesome. (I just got back to finishing this because my mind skipped and went blank) Where was I?.... Oh yeah! The sink is fixed, the dishes are done and I'm behind. Or am I? How does a writer know when they are truly behind when the only one making the deadlines is you? I still don't understand how to juggle everyday life with a writing career. (Besides not sleeping anymore, which I've thought of doing.) I guess in the end we all have to..... lost my thoughts again..... Oh yeah!... expect the unexpected and roll with it. Which is what I tried to do today.

How do you juggle it all? What do you do when your 'deadlines' are interrupted? When the house, the children, and now that it's Spring, the outdoor needs have to be tended too. What do you do? I'll take any suggestions you have to offer. :)

In need of some sanity,
Rebecca Rose

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