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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Writer's Block or Procrastination?

As I start my day today I can't help but wonder what life will be like in a year. My oldest will be getting ready to go to High School. My middle child, Middle School. And my youngest, first grade. Will I have the will to let them go and be who they are? Will I be able to be fair when they are not being reasonable? Gosh, I hope so.

My big question is where will I be as an author? Last year I had a mental block when it came to writing. For almost a full year I wasn't able to put anything on 'paper'; except for the daily blog updates to my father's hospital stay. I couldn't see passed the hour to hour updates let alone wonder if I would eventually find a publisher for my romance novel.

Writer's block is a looming presence to many of us. I have experienced it many times. Each time is came I pushed, I pulled, I swore, and I struck back with more force than I thought I was possible of.

Right now I'm in a funk. But I know its just me being busy with life. Writer's take on so many roles and many more than our readers are aware of. Wife/husband, Mother/father, jobs other than writing, weekend warrior of dust bunnies, lawn care, and "what the heck is that noise my car is making?" I find my self asking how am I supposed to sit down and finish this novel I've started and edit the ones I've completed with all the noise that comes with life?

"I know!" The cheerleader in my head sings to me with pom-poms swishing. "Sit your B.U.T.T. down and work." To bad that cheerleader is a tenth grade version of me who still fits into those size 4 jeans. I've come to not like her very much.

My husband, who I would never claim to be a patient man, is my new cheerleader. This humorist, tattooed, sometimes shy, but forever gruff pessimist, is more than happy to let me know that if I don't "sit my a#$ down and do it, its not going to get done." Oh, the love of sixteen years together. Can you feel it? This is also the man who found my dictionary in two pieces, (my oldest says he doesn't know what happened) and electrical taped it back together for me. This is the man who spells out words that I randomly shout out because I'm in need of the spelling. He'll proof my articles when I ask. And he'll keep the kids at bay when the 'No Distraction' policy is in place.

So, where will I be in a year? Wasn't that the topic before I started to ramble? In a year I will be a published author. In a year I will be starting a new vegetable garden. In a year I hope to be where I am now. Some place that in my wildest dreams when it came to writing, I never thought I'd be. Some place I never imagined I could be.

Ok, now I have to sit my a#$ down and get some work done. Although, it is going to be 80 degrees today. :)

Never limit your dreams. It is in them that we find our faith in all things possible.


  1. Wonderful blog! You've hit the nail on the proverbial head for a lot of us. Real life tries to distract us, but we authors are a very crafty bunch. We'll find a way to go on. Now sit your a#$ down and write!

    Cassie Exline

  2. P.S. It's wonderful that your husband is so helpful. Mine will listen to me read what I've written, but draws the line at proofing anything.

  3.'s the other nagging voice in your head...THIS year YOU ARE DOING IT! And I admire you so much for making it all work...struggles and all.

  4. Great blog....It is hard to make it work but you have worked hard and you keep trying...that is what matters...

  5. Very enjoyable post. :) It's hard not to procrastinate when we have families, but if the dream is important to us, we'll sit our butts in our chairs often enough to get 'er done.

    You have a great attitude.