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Sunday, May 31, 2009

What Lie?

Today's the day I start it all over again. My second installment to The Allen's is now going through editing. Not that I'm done. On the contrary, I'm only 50 pages in. But going through the editing process with my first book, Divine Turmoil: The Allen's, taught me a few tricks in the department of what to do and not to do.

I cringed when I open that digital folder up yesterday. Just the first page need so much work. However, that's how we learn and move on. My two main characters had passion, they had substance, and purpose. But what about their inner thoughts? This is where my writing gets a little tricky for me. I love being in people heads. I want to know their thoughts, hopes, and desires. Especially, their desires. What makes them do what they do, say what they say. What's their background and where do they come from? My problem is I want to do this with all of my characters and you can't. Well, you can't unless you have a special skill that at this moment I do not possess.

I also tend to go from third person, to first, to narrative, and back again. (My editor had a field day with me.) What I discovered is every time I moved into first person this is where I should have put a narrative. Stick with one point of view when writing. A lesson I'll happily say I'm much more conscious of.

Another lesson I learned just a few days ago, is from a fellow author, Elle Parker. Her blog expresses that when a story stalls and writer's blog has ensued, you should look for 'the lie'. This non-truth has stumped your characters into wondering around, direction unknown. After reading this little bit of information, I realized this is why I put down two finished novels and stopped pursuing my latest. Something wasn't right and the characters weren't being true to what and who they are.

Now with a fresh look at myself and my writing, I'm excited to be where I am and no longer scared. Yes, scared! The little voice of self doubt kept whispering, "What if this is a one time shot? What if you don't have what it takes to be a multiple published author?" Well, I have what it takes. Otherwise I wouldn't have written the first, and the second, and the third, plus the one on the way. YUP. I'm a happy, finger aching, shoulder complaining, tired eyed, butt asleep, woman. Life is good!


  1. Yeah, I'm really nervous about getting my first round of edits. But I'm trying not to think about it right now :) Congrats on getting so much written, three and one on the way! That's fantastic.

  2. OH Yay! I'm so glad that helped! And I always figure if I've done something once, then I know I can do it again - that applies to writing novels, too. I'm sure you'll get there!

  3. I just finished my first full length novel. When I went back to beginning to edit it was like a whole other person had started the book. I'd learned so much in the process.