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Monday, April 20, 2009

School Vacation, fun?

And the race begins! Ok, maybe its a different type of race, but all the same, its a marathon.
School vacation has officially started and the children of my state are jumping for joy. Can I blame them? No. I did the same thing as a child. I pestered, taunted, whined, bellowed, and agonized about what to do on vacation. When can I see my friends? How come they get to go to the park and not me? Why can't I stay out/up late? Oh, the good old days of free-spirited life.

I have to say I sometimes envy my friend Loretta. She writes Young Adult and captures the innocents and revere of childhood. She looks at the world as if it has a Mickey Mouse fairy dust shine to it all. Not that I'm a black cloud. I'm quite the contrary. However, going into this week I have to say I have my apprehensions. When will I get to write without distraction? What will I do with them when I have to go to my other job that's out of the house? Its different when the pestering, taunting, whining, and bellowing children are your own. This is usually when us parents begin to rely on the old timeless shout of, "BECAUSE I SAID SO!" Love that one.

Now, my children are of all different ages. They range from 13 to 5. I don't worry about the 13 year old that much. He couldn't get into trouble even if trouble presented its self and beckoned, "Lets have some really fun!" No, my oldest would ask it to wait a minute while he was talking on the phone with Doug.

It's not even my youngest that I really worry about. Yes, he's the kid with the permanent fat lip and dirty face. He's the one that's missing a tooth because he hit his mouth so hard he busted it out. No, its the middle child. Everyone has one of these. The child that looks and acts the innocent part but sticks out their foot when one of the others are running by. Yes, she's our trouble maker. She's the middle child and the only girl. All together we make a rowdy bunch, with my husband as the ring leader.

But these are the things I write about. At the start of vacation we went to Six Flags with my brother David and his family. While everyone was enjoy the rides, David and I found a child no more than two, wondering on his own. As parents we could imagine the fear and utter confusion of, "but I only turned my back for a minute". Then we felt appalled that as the minutes ticked by for security to get to us, there was no frantic mother to be found. When she did present herself, there was no thank you's or such. She just swooped in, grabbed her son and was gone. This reaction sparked fury and outrage in me. It was then I decided her actions would be a great scene in one of my books. I might even make her a little more evil, because I can.

Oh, school vacation has started! What will I see at the playground? What child will ignite me into a writing tantrum? What new adventures await me? And who will be the first to have me say, "That's it! If you don't stop fighting right now! You're sitting on the couch and holding hands for 10 minutes!" I guess it won't be that bad after all. Who knows, maybe I'll even get some writing done.

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  1. Next time I'm in Disney, I'll order you a little extra Pixie dust!