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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I had a wonderful evening, last night. For the first time, I was able to chat with other authors on a live chat line. We joked, talked about books, and had virtual drinks. It was incredibly fun and a learning experience I needed as a new author.

While the many that know me would not say I'm a shy person. I am rather quiet until I get to know you. I'm more of an observer with a curious mind. I like to watch people and make up stories that move with their actions. Fact and fiction, hand in hand.

So, last night I booted up my computer, poured my endless glass of water, scared the children into leaving me alone, and met some fun people. Who like me, are a little nuts. (You have to be or you couldn't write what we write).

Rita Vetere ( is a dark fantasy writer. Vampires anyone? At one point in our conversation, I had to ask what succubus was. Anyone here know? No? Well, its a female sexual vampire, girl demon, who makes out with guys in order to damn them. A male version is called an incubus. I need to do more reading in the vampire realm, this sound too exciting to miss. I'm totally picking up her novel, Born of Darkness!

Then there was our guests for the evening. Grayson Reyes-Cole. A fantasy and science fiction writer who made me laugh too many times to count. ( There was something said about a beach and sand that was impossible to get out of certain places. I wonder if that's in her book, Bright Star.

We were also joined by Barton Paul Levenson. I imagine a noble Englishman with brandy in hand. His name is so perfect for it! Baron does science-fiction/paranormal. ( His new novel Elle the Vampire, promises to be a great read. You men would enjoy the cover.

Last night was a new chapter in my book of life. It showed me that while I'm not a published novelist, yet. I soon will be and maybe, just maybe, I'll be asked to be the guest for the evening. It makes me proud that I'm among a talented group of authors who excepted me with out any reservations. And while the wallflower in me wanted to sit back and watch, I had no choice but to chime in. Humor is something I can seldom resist.


  1. As a fellow pre-published author, Rebecca, allow me to say Brava! on your virtual community. I, too, have discovered how nurturing and supportive so many of our fellow writers can be, whether they are multi-published or awaiting their first cover, or still toiling away at the work that will become the first! Sharing our experiences helps us all to feel connected and avoids having to try to explain to "normal" people how our characters talk to us, and refuse to go along with our carefully plotted stories, and how sometimes we can't move forward without finding the absolutely perfect word. We may only have virtual hugs - but they can make you feel just as warm!

  2. Hey Rebecca,

    It's me Grayson! I'm glad you had at the fun and look forward to reading you... Oh... yeah... and I have girl parts, lol!


  3. I'm looking forward to reading your stories! You have a very straightforward, simple writing style, which is a good thing.

    I actually do have at least one English ancestor, but most of my immediate ancestors were Eastern European Jews.


  4. Rebecca--

    Sorry I didn't see this post until now! I am so very glad you enjoyed my chat enough to return on Monday and I was ecstatic to see this post. I will be taking you up on that offer to guest with me in the future as well!

    And I'm looking forward to reading your work too!

    All the best,