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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Review: 'One Wilde Night'

Hello and welcome to my second installment of Reviews. This week I'm blogging about Rhonda Leah's erotic story One Wilde Night. And who, I ask you, WHO? has not wanted a wild night with a handsome stranger?

It's Tara Wilde's birthday and she feeling a bit antsy. Her love life has been MIA for so long that she's seriously thinking about picking up a stranger and just doing whatever fantasies come to mind. After all she is at her twin sisters birthday party and there are plenty of men there that would be more than will to feed her appetite. Then she's introduced to Tucker Carson.

Tucker's only in town for a short time and Tara is a passionate distraction from the stress he's been under. After their one night together, Tucker can't forget the woman who gave him a false name. When he has to return to town for family obligations he pleasantly and passionately surprised to see Tara again.

Tara thinks Tucker is only back for a day or two. Imagine her surprise when she finds out otherwise. In a moment of desperation, Tucker takes her car and gets into a wreck. Now, Tara must come to terms with the fact her easy no-strings-attached affair with him might have bloomed into something more than One Wilde Night.

What can I say! I'm an avid reader of anything Lyrical Press, Inc publishes. Rhonda Leah is a superb storyteller who's ability to detail has the reader projecting the words into visual reels. Her characters were life like with their struggles and faults. I especially liked how they came together out of fate more than lust.
Warning: contains M/F romance, some strong language, and explicit sex

Rhonda, congratulations on Five Blue Rose's!

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  1. Great review!!!! It's on my TBR list!!!

  2. Rebecca, Thank you for the wonderful review!

    Stephanie, hope you enjoy it ;-)

  3. Hi Steph! You won't be disappointed. :)

    Rhonda :) You're a wonderful weaver of words.