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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Talkin Tuesday Ramblings!

Aaggggg! *pulling hair out* "I love my children, I love their friends" I repeat this to myself because it's true and I don't want to lose track of the fact most children don't want to spend time with their parents (let alone talk to them). Not our cretins. "Hey mom, can we go for a hike" "Hey, can we go to the mall...Game Stop...Doug's house...Amber's skating, ect?"

Mark and Leah the pre-teen. :)
I'm looking around my home (and its only Tuesday of Winter Vacation) and I see the future. In four month my 16 yr old, 12 yr old, 8 yr old, will be on summer vacation. There will be dishes in the sink, dirt on the floor, shoes and clothes spewed everywhere, extra kids running around and NOISE. How can anyone get work done in this environment? Have I mentioned attitude yet? LOL "Mom, why do you always have to work?"  Well, my dear sweet children, because I keep getting interrupted so a half-an-hour of work has turned into 3 hours. Of course, I'd never say that. I want them to come to me when they need/want something. It keeps the communication open. Why else would our 16 yr year old son, Isaac, want to 'just hang out' with us? Personally, I don't think Mark and I are that cool nor fun. After 18 yrs of marriage, you tend to lean more toward the couch or bed then the party going on at a friends house. Sleep is a beautiful thing! But, back to the cretins and vacation...

Jack, the child my mom wished on me
Yesterday I came to the reality that I shouldn't push myself and be disappointed when I only get half to nothing done when they are home. For the most part, I can tell them that I need an hour of alone time so I can get a few things done and not kill them. For the most part this works. But, I've also learned to be careful with what I say.

EXAMPLE: I was finishing up edits on my last novel. The kids were restless because I'd been putting in long days. As with most families, the youngest tends to be the guinea pig and the most clueless to what's going on. I told the fighting, screaming, complaining children, they needed to give me an hour or I was taking out the duct tape. When they continued to let me know how unfair life is, (the two older ones) I said, "Go dig a ditch or something. I really don't care!"
They left quietly, which should have been an indication that something was up. An hour later, the two older ones come bounding and laughing down the stairs and into my office.
 "Mom! Come look at what we did!"
I looked at the dirt smeared on their faces and clothes with a questioning brow. "Do I want to know?"
They grabbed me by the hand and pulled.
"Where's your little brother?"
"Don't worry," Isaac announced. "he's okay."
I followed them out to where the tire swing hangs from the old maple tree. The day was beautifully clear and made me wish to be out there with them...especially after I heard Jack.
"Hi, Mom!"
Down in the 5 foot hole stood our youngest waving and completely happy to be apart of something his older siblings where doing.
I began to laugh uncontrollably. What else could I do? After all, they'd done exactly what I told them, which they reminded me of when I said, "A 5 foot hole under a swing really isn't the smartest place to it." They proceeded to compare it to the video came Pit Fall (Yes, they know that ancient game). I reminded them that playing the game doesn't include broken legs when the man falls. LOL
I laid on my belly and pulled Jack out. He was so happy and filthy.

*Over the next few months, this hole was filled in and re-dug numerous times.

Isaac telling a story at Ben's Christmas party
So, the lesson I learned on that school vacation...Never, ever, no matter what, tell your cretins to do anything that you really don't want done!

I guess in the grand scheme of things I really can't complain too much. They're great kids who do find things to occupy themselves. I'm just missing my quiet time.

Have a Sparkling Day!
Rebecca Rose


  1. I laughed so hard Rebecca! Glad the cretins were OK on this venture...and BOY can I relate. I dread summer coming...planning some day camps but not enough! Miss my regular alone time to write too...its a juggle and sometimes I have to stop and spend 30 minutes snuggling & watching Big Time Rush or reading Harry Potter with my son as it makes him feel loved and happy...when I SO WANT to be writing!

    1. I can deal with Harry Potter, love the movies! Big Time Rush, aaggg!

      LOL I try to work while watching and talking to the kids. Sometimes it works and sometimes I end up writing what they're saying! LOL

  2. Ha! Kids take things so literally! LOL! Glad he's okay. :)