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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Talkin' Tuesday with Husband Mark

It's a cloudy Tuesday morning and I'm sitting here with my husband discussing what it's like to be married to a romance novelist. Now, most men would think, "Damn, Boy! You're a lucky man!" But, that's not always the case behind the scenes. Without a supportive and understand partner, us authors would be deep into drama within our own lives. Thank goodness I have my honey. He's one in a million. Plus, he Cooks!!

RR- What's your favorite author/series, babe? And no, it doesn't have to be me.
M- Easy, Gunslinger by Stephen King.
That's what nightmares are made of! At least for me. lol

RR- When I started my writing career, seriously, what was your biggest fear?
OMG, me too!

RR- Was it hard adjusting to my new work schedule?
M- No. You've always been on the go and going nonstop on whatever you do. So, the long hours of writing and editing were no surprise.
I don't really sleep, do I?

RR- What's your biggest complaint or pet peeve? Like I really have to ask!
M- People who stop at the end of their driveway for their mail. Then get back in the car and drive the forty feet to their parking spot!
I do that when you're not home, you know. :)

RR- Honey, what would you say the funnest thing about having a romance writer as a wife?
M- Helping to come up with new material for you. I want to be her biggest inspiration! totally are!

RR- Is there anything people would be shocked to know about living with a romance writer?
M- Life isn't always full of romance and fun. A romance writer is just like every woman out there with a family. There's lots of work in every day life and romance often takes a backseat to everything else.

Do you prefer Red and Sexy or Black and Mysterious?
Red and Sexy!

Paperbacks or Ebooks?

You're the primary cook in the house. What's your favorite dish to make me and the kids?
Cheeseburgers with potato rolls.


RR- Babe, what's the biggest misconception people have about how our household is run?
M- It's not all sex and romance but dirty laundry, homework with the kids and trips to the supermarket. 
Hey, don't make fun of the supermarket! That's our dates!

RR- What about our kids? Do you ever feel it's unfair to them having two parents who are so good in English?
M- Two? I'm the only good one in English!
LOL Okay, the truth is I'm terrible with spelling! I've actually called Mark, at work, and asked how to spell certain words. :)

RR- When bragging about me, which I love that you do, what happens when someone says something inappropriate?
M- The 'inappropriate' is usually out of my mouth! LOL
Now honey, *snickers* behave.

RR- What's the worst thing someone has said to you?
M-Probably when you were starting out and someone saying you wouldn't make it as a success. 
I love you!

RR- Have you ever been so overwhelmed that you wished I chose another career?
M- Sure. It's a lot of hours you spend buried in research and in the computer. But, I've accepted the challenge and do my best as Dad and Mom to keep life normal for our kids.
I don't care what Loretta says about you. You're the best! LOL (Just kidding, Loretta.)

RR- Ever think you'll start writing? What would it be?
M- No, I won't write. But, if I did I could have a future in hardcore erotica. C'mon, my wife IS a romance writer!

RR- Any advice for significant others out there with a writing spouse?
M- Listen, talk to each other and always make time for just the two of you. 
Like we do with our trips to the grocery store!

Thank you honey for being here! It was a lot of fun and so is the 'research'. 

Everyone, have a Sparkling Day and I'll see you next week when my friend from the north, Natasha Bennett, drops in for a chat.

Rebecca Rose


  1. What a great idea interviewing your husband on this! And I loved this Q/A: RR- Honey, what would you say the funnest thing about having a romance writer as a wife?
    M- Helping to come up with new material for you. I want to be her biggest inspiration!

    That was so cute! My husband does that a lot for me too....whether he really wants to or not. I bother him all the time with plots, characters, and scenes. He's a big help to just have that extra head to bounce ideas off of.

    Great interview guys! LOVED it!

  2. I need your hubby to have a man-to-man chat with mine! Awesome he's so supportive of you!!

  3. GREAT interview!!! I have a pretty supportive hubby too...makes all the difference!!! And yeah, the no money thing...that was/is a huge fear for us too!!

  4. Renee, it's nice to see you here! It is great to have some one to bounce off ideas on. :)

    Molly, beat him with a pan! Just kidding. I think it's hard for our partners because they don't always understand that what we do is 'a real job'. He'll get it, just be patient.

    Steph, I love that you stop by! Money is a big deal no matter what profession you're in. Heck, I'm sure even the pole dances are feeling the pinch!LOL Pun intended. :0

  5. Your hubby is a gem. Mine is ultra supportive, and those who aren't fortunate enough to have that miss out on so much. You are blessed!

  6. Thank you, Kayelle! He's a lot of fun and it was nice to have him a little more involved in my career. He was worried people might not find him interesting. I assured Mark that he's crazy enough to fit into the writing world! LOL

  7. Rebecca, I just saw this. What fun! A refreshing and funny post - and loved seeing into your hubby's mind on your writing life!