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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Talkin' Tuesday with Rhonda Leah!

One Wilde NightIt's my favorite day of the week--Talkin' Tuesday, of course! Today I have erotic romance writer Rhonda Leah joining me in my cozy office by the shore. The sky may be cloudy and the sea looks to be a bit angry, but there is nothing like enjoying a cuppa coffee with a great friend. I've been a fan ever since I picked up One Wilde Night. *giggles* What a good time. :) 
She's also giving away a copy of her new story, Risking Delaney. So, make sure you leave a comment and your email address! 

Rebecca - Thank you for having me today. You are always so supportive of your fellow writers.
Thank you, Rhonda. It's tough breaking into the writing world and I like to give back where ever I can. :)
RR-So, tell me Rhonda, what's you favorite read or series?
RL-You know this is one of the hardest questions ever - at least for most writers I'd imagine. But I usually go with my most current favorites *g* - I still love Jennifer Crusie's Bet Me, which I've read at least a dozen times and I own in multiple formats. My most current favorite series has to be Nora Robert's Bride Quartet Series.
I'm a Nora Robert's creeper!

RR-What/who got you reading?
RL-Ha. This one is a little different and very simple. Required reading in middle school with the help of my mom. She picked the best books on the list and stuck them under my nose until I gave in and read them. Once I found a book or a hundred I loved - not books that bored me to tears, I truly fell in love with reading.
Reading is a wonderful thing for children. You must thank your mother often for the gift she forced upon you. *g*

RR-Writing was a natural thing for you, but what part of it is the hardest?
RL-Editing - self editing anyway. I write the story and honestly when I've typed "the end", I'm ready to move on to the next one - and well... that's not exactly how it works *g*
Isn't that the truth!

RR-Too organized Plotter or Maniac Panster?
RL-Somewhere in the middle? I always start out as a manic panster - and write about one third of the story without thinking about plotting, but at some point I end  up doing what I call "stop and plot". It's one of those things about writing that I think everyone has to find their own method. You have to do what works for you and the your current project - because we all know the next book might not work the same.
Hope you don't mind, but I have to use that 'stop and plot' line. It's wonderful!

RR-When writing, must you hide from the kids? Where do you go and what kind of death threats do you shout?
RL-It really depends on where I am in the story and how it is going. When the words are flowing I can write in mass confusion. When it's time to "stop and plot" (things are slowing down and I need direction) I hide - and that's when threats fly.
LOL I've gotten a look perfected so when  the cretins come into the room, they back out slowly when faced with it. 

RR-The Sexy plots in your stories are very *blushes* fun. Who/What inspires them?
RL-Honestly I just can't turn the sexy off - I've tried writing less steamy stuff and it never works! I guess I'd have to say life inspires me, nothing I can name specific. I like to have fun and enjoy life, mostly the little things. I think that's a big part of turning something into a good story. I love when characters feel "real" and enjoy everyday activities - and when they find ways to make those activities just a little more fun or a little over the top without seeming uncharacteristic or unreal.

RR-Is there any thing we all would be shocked to know about you?
RL-Well for some reason, what popped in my head is something I have not thought about in a long time... When I was six years old I fell out of a moving vehicle, rolled across two lanes of 5:00 traffic, and hit my head against the curb. When I realized what happened I immediately jumped up, and starting running after my grandmother (who was driving and was freaking out and couldn't even stop the car) because I was terrified she was going to leave me! After a trip to the ER my only injuries were a few rocks in my knees and a huge brush burn on one side of my face. 
Holy Cow! I'm not often speechless but...WOW. 
For Fun
Red and sexy or Black and mysterious?
Most definitely black and mysterious.

Wine with cheese or Beer with TV?
Ha. You are dealing with a wee bit of a southern belle here: hand me a mimosa and good book, please.

-Paperback or ebooks?
LOL funny you should ask this - I'm e-published and as much as I love to read digitally I still buy paperback too. I guess my answer is both, though in the past year or so I've gone to much more digital. One thing that sort of push me over the edge - I started reading the Bride Quartet series in paperback and I knew I wanted a set to keep them, so I bought them all as they came out. With the last book I was reading it and we had a lot going on... and well I lost it - when I was about 1/2 through. I've never been so aggravated with myself - I ended up buying a digital copy - because I can't lose it!
-Independent kitty cat or adoring lovable dog?
Um... I own a dog, but I'm totally a cat person!
-Great cook or master at ordering take out?
Haha... both. I love to cook -- when I have time, otherwise - let me just say we have a huge variety of take out menus on hand at all times!

Back to Work
RR-Are you insanely organized or are there note written on everything?
RL-Post-it notes are my friend *g* that is my organizational skill - I've lost the ability to organize a little more with the birth of each child!
I'm feelin' ya, Rhonda!
RR-What's the biggest misconception people have about you and your writing?
RL-I'm not sure. The only thing I can think of is some people have the a misconception about what genre (erotic romance) I write. They think it's one long sex scene and that there is no plot or story -- and having a decent plot and a good story to keep things moving along are what's important to me.

RR-Does your husband like to brag about your career as a romance writer?
RL-On occasion ;-)
Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall when that conversation started!
Four men hanging out--
"My wife's an accountant."
"Mine just nags me all day."
LOL "Ya, Susan does that like it's her job. Dan, what's yours do?"
"She writes Erotic Romance." Heads perk to attention as Dan grins with enthusiasm. "Yup. It's awwwwesome!" 

RR-Do you ever get so overwhelmed you want to quit?
RL-Absolutely. But, I'm pretty cranky when I'm not writing!

RR-What's the pet-peeve that makes you want to scream?
RL-When there is a heroine who's too stupid to live - please knock me over the head if I ever write one!
I promise, I will! Those heroines remind me of old movies where all the women do is scream through the whole thing. If you ask me, they deserve to die! 

RR-Any advice for aspiring writers?
RL-Find a great critique partner or group.
Read your work out loud - you'll be surprised how much easier mistakes are to spot this way.
Never give up.
Don't forget Rhonda is giving away an Ebook copy of her new sexy story, Risking Delaney. You can also find her other delicious stories at Lyrical Press, Inc.
A few weeks of great sex, sure. A lifetime of danger -- hell no.

Running the family campground was the last thing Brock Chandler wanted. But, when it’s dumped on him, he makes big plans. Incorporating extreme sports into the thriving business is his top priority…until his grandfather, the majority stockholder, says he has a corporate buyer and wants to sell. 

Delaney Breaux is giving up the rat race in Manhattan and heading home to New Orleans. Leaving her job as a busy marketing executive is the one thing she’ll miss. Spending a few weeks with her about-to-be-married best friend seems like a good transition. Instead it turns into an adventurous detour. 

Brock Chandler is a walking ad for danger and she’s lived her life for security. When their worlds collide for a second time anything can happen.

Content warning: This story contains explicit sex, strong language, and men who live for danger.
Rhonda, thanks for stopping by and sharing. I really enjoyed our chat.
Have a Sparkling Day!
Rebecca Rose 

Next week I'll have the ever funny, Sandra Sookoo


  1. Oh, I so want to read this!!!!!!! I just bought About Last Night...can;t wait to read it!!

  2. This was such a fun interview - and you ask such fun questions Rebecca! Love the story about rolling across 2 lanes of traffic...jeez! This sounds like a hot book I'd like to read, great hook. - Donna Galanti

  3. LOVE the stop and plot phrase. I will have to try that, or maybe I do and don't realize it. :)

  4. I seem to jump into a story and run with it until I realize that it is going nowhere; then I need to stop and plot it out too. Funny, but I never thought about it before.

    She seems like such a down to earth person, how did you meet her, Bec?


  5. So, glad you could stop in Donna and Sera!

  6. Risking Delaney sounds good. Enjoyed the interview and the look at four men talking about their wives' careers. You got a lucky husband ;)

  7. LOL Theresa! Rhonda is a fellow author at Lyrical Press. I love the 'Stop and Plot'.

  8. She, thanks for stopping by! I need you email encase you win. :)

  9. Thank you, Rebecca for doing this – and a huge THANK YOU to everyone for stopping by! I’m literally been on the road all day (things never go as planned around here!) or I would have been by sooner!

    Stephanie, Thank you! I hope enjoy ALN!

    Donna – You’re right Rebecca does ask fun questions! And I really honestly have not thought of that in years, until I was answering the questions... it was certainly something “different”:/

    Sera, I’ve been doing the “stop and plot” thing for years – I actually wrote an article on it once, but I just can’t remember what I wrote it for – I’ve been the president of my local RWA for the past two years and have written at least an article a month for their newsletter, but I thought I did a blog post about it.

    Theresa, it took me a longtime to realize what I was doing too – I’d jump right into a story then realize, oh yeah, I need a plot!

    She, thank you for stopping by!

    Y’all can check out my (recently neglected) blog at I do have several things marked “writing 411” some of you might find interesting. I do have a “plan” to get back to blogging regularly, I’ve just been dealing with a post-op patient since the holidays (the dh had bad surgery and recovery has not gone well).

    Again, thanks for stopping by and I’m sure Rebecca will notify the winner of Risking Delaney. It releases from Lyrical Press 4/18 (which just happens to be my birthday!)

  10. Drum roll please, *confetti falling*
    THERESA!! You're the winner!!
    Congratulation, you won a free copy of 'Risking Delaney'.

    Have a Sparkling Day!
    Rebecca Rose

  11. Lori McPhetridge rnlmac@msn.comApril 12, 2011 at 1:36 PM

    Great interview Can't wait to try your books