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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Review Wednesday: 'Stockholm Seduction'

It's that time again! Where I review anything from sweet romance to adventure/mystery and erotic romance. I love my job. :)
Today I have Lily Harlem's twenty page erotic short, Stockholm Seduction.

Penny was having a fabulous extended vacation. Sun, sea, sand and hot surfers. One in particular, with the most extraordinary blue eyes she'd ever seen. What could possibly be better? Well...a night with the sexy stranger. But then Penny is kidnapped and a new scenario begins to play in her head when she's tied up, held for ransom and tortured in the sweetest, most delicious, sensual ways imaginable by a stranger with a dragon tattoo.
Warning: hot erotic fun down under!

I do love shorts. They're just little bleeps in time and keep you wanting more, which is why I don't like them! LOL I wanted to know what happened to Penny and her capture. In the short pages I became invested in what happens to them after this experience. My mind shouted, "NO, It can't be over!", while I realized this week a full length novel would never have fit into my schedule. (what I love about shorts. Feed the reading bug without a long commitment)
If you're a fan of shorts this one will get your blood pumping and mind racing!
Congratulation Lily Harlem on Four Blue Roses! 
Lily Harlem's website:

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Rebecca Rose


  1. I am so checking this out ! Thank you Rebecca, nothing like a quicky between books Ha Ha I'm talking about short novels, what were you thinking, hmmm <3

    great review XOX

  2. ohhhh, you know what I was thinking, Kathy!! LOL