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Thursday, May 27, 2010

'Divine Turmoil' Review

When Divine Turmoil opens, we find Serena O'Neal on her way home to care for her sick mother. She's essentially pulled the plug on her entire life to do so, and what does she get in return? A frosty welcome from her sister, bitten by her niece, and jumped on by a local dog! However, the owner of the dog is delicious local man Brian Allen. Despite baggage on his part, and hers, they find themselves falling for each other as Serena struggles to adjust to her new life, her ill mother's mood swings, and her continually difficult relationship with her sister Hope.

I really loved this story. It's not your run of the mill romance. It has a deep flavour of love and family to it, with memorable characters who have recognisable flaws and problems in their lives. Settle down with Divine Turmoil and be prepared to be entertained and touched by this sweet and sensual love story!

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