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Friday, May 21, 2010

As I sit here this morning I'm on the cusp of something new. Sometimes you can just feel these things coming on. I don't know if my planets have all alighed or if the Gods have decided to shine upon me, but I feel it.

I've started my four book and with it I have to wonder where I'll be in a year from now. No it's not that I'm reflecting on my life, or that I'm discontented with it. Actually, it's quite the opposite. My life is full and fun. I have three wonderful children and my husband is one most woman yern for. (He brings me supper at work) I know how lucky I am... so why the aprehention? Anyone who has started a new career, more than likely, has felt this. While success is building, while the momentom is catching speed, you look back behind you and wonder if leaving the familar world your in is worth the risk of adventure.

In my younger days I wouldn't have thought twice. I would have just jumped and enjoyed the view while falling. I'm not that brave, anymore. There is a coziness with knowing what will be happening tomorrow and the next day. With knowing you have a steady paycheck waiting for you every week. Yet, I'm surprisingly okay with this and I think that's what scares me. The traveling part of my career has started. The nights have become longer and the days. I have other authors asking for help with their blogs, chats, and writing. Strange for a woman who fell into this career with the attitude: I'll give 110% and see what happens. Now I've seen it and I love it, but the little voice in my head, who I think I'm going to call Bob, keeps insisting that security is the way to go and not change.

What do you think? Do you listen to your Bob when he's casting doubt onto your new plans? Or do you push him aside and forge ahead?

Have a sparkling day!
Rebecca Rose

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