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Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm A Little Quirky

I like to find things to talk about. Funny stories whether by my family or by something that happened to someone else. Many times I write about the quirks which I see in people or that I have myself. The ones which belong to me are the best because I know them better than anyone. Or at least I think I do!

For instance. I have a pasta addiction. There can't be enough of this starchy substance with all its different shapes and sizes in my house. At one point, in my 16 year marriage, my husband forbade me from buying anymore. I didn't see his point until he walked me to our pantry where there were four shelves full! For an entire year there was no need to buy any. Read into that what you want, but the truth is I really like pasta.

Then there's the fact I'm a laundry snob. Yes, laundry snob. With thirteen loads a week in my house I not only learned to love washing, separating, and folding, I needed to look forward to it. Really? Some of you may be asking. YUP, life works better when you go a little crazy and obsess on the mundane; trust me.
Recently, I had my friend Allie over every Monday to do her laundry. I cringed when she threw it all in and didn't separate anything. After all I have seven different piles to put all our clothes and what-not in. Yeah, yeah, yeah! Seven is a lot but I need my tans, whites, blues, colors, towels, dedicates, and "What the heck pile do I put this in?" piles. Then she wasn't using any fabric softener or some type of OxyClean stuff. I immediately took over. I mean really! Who showed this girl how to do laundry?  I was appalled when I found out she was washing everything in cold. Shaking my head at her, I used the excuse she's pregnant and I'll go downstairs to start the new load and swap the other. LOL She knew what I was doing.

So, this is the stuff writers are made of. We're all a little crazy. We all have our quirks. And when it comes down to it, we need that side of us which sees the world differently then everyone else. This is what helps the writer of Horror see your closet as a sinister place; or the Sci-Fi as a porthole to another world. The writer of Romance where she hides that something special for her love interest until the right moment. And don't get me started on Erotic!

We all have them so why not make them fun? How many people out there can honestly say they like the fact they're imperfect? Heck, I think it's what makes the world a fun an interesting place to write about. Why just the other day I found out that I read aloud while I'm editing. My husband actually risked his life by coming into my 'cave' and asking who I was talking to. Apparently, I read very loud.

What fun quirks to you have?

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