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Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Cleanups and Repairs

It's Fall clean up time and everyone is scrabbling to get it all done. There's windows to seal, roof leaks to be fixed, gutters to be cleaned, and that isn't even the lawn care. Leaf pick up is always a major ordeal and then the expensive winterizer seed that needs to be put down so there's a beautiful lawn come Spring. If you have children, like I do, then you also have to pick up the toys that have been scattered around. We have a run-off next to our home and this has turned into the dumping ground for the 'missing toys' that I was told got picked up. Sometimes looking out my window or in my garage I feel as if I'm on a episode of Sanford and Son. How many extra doors, wood, windows, toilets (forgotten in the corner of the garage after redoing the bathroom 5 years ago) and potting pots does one person need? Apparently a lot!

Why just this weekend Dennis Palmer of Greenhill Services in Western Massachusetts came over to give me a hand. The man is a saint! After twelve years of living in the 'Money Pit'. If you've seen the movie you understand my situation. We've decided to change the windows. Now I've been very nervous about this adventure because anything in this house that we've tried to redo has been a can of worms; and I mean right down to switching outlets that aren't grounded or don't have the proper electrical boxes to hold them in! So, Mr. Palmer and I went to work on changing this window that gets pretty icicles on it in the winter. Too bad they actually form on the inside. Can anyone say, 'Flashing problem'?

This little project was supposed to take, at most, two hours. So, when four hours rolled by, I had to appologize. The termites that ate out our Den floor last year, which caved in like in the movie from above, had nested in our bathroom window also. Fun times, fun times! In defense of the termites, they didn't get too far on the window so there wasn't too much wood we needed to replace. In other words, it wasn't an entire room floor down to the joists and sill plate!

Don't you love home owning? I don't. I've never said anything else to the contrary, either. Maybe if I knew a little more, had more tools and a husband(God I love that man, HE COOKS!) that knew how to fix these things, I would appreciate it more. But alas, I don't. So, I call upon Dennis Palmer who doesn't mind working with a woman and gets the job done right the first time.

Winter is coming and while there are ten more windows to go, our bathroom will be cozy warm with the new insulation in the attic and the icicles that will look magical on the outside. Now if I could only get new stairs to the cellar.

If you live in my area, I highly recommend Mr. Palmer. A good contractor is like a good mechanic; worth every cent of their weight in gold.

Green Hill Services
421 Main Rd, Granville, MA
(413) 626-5031 ‎
(413) 562-5031

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