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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Review Wednesday: 'Wild Wyoming Nights'

Welcome to Review Wednesday! *the ceiling is sparkling and playful ribbons are shooting from small pop toys* What fun!! Today I have Sandy Sullivan's, Wild Wyoming Nights. So, please give a round of applause for Ms. Sullivan and her wonderfully tortured characters! 
Wild Wyoming Nights
Abigail Carter has relocated to Wyoming with a dream of raising horses and mending a broken heart. Her husband lost his life during the tragic 911 attacks. It's now a little over a year later and she's still refusing to take her wedding band off. Even at the insistence of her dead husbands plead to move on.

When Chase Wilder answered the First Response call for a rollover accident, he never imagined that he'd find is his destiny. With the first pulls of lust, long since given up for dead along with his late wife, Chase finds himself attracted to a woman who is still pining and uncertain. After a freak accident puts him in a cast for six weeks, Chase begins falling for Abby when she insists on taking care of him and his horses. It's the perfect arrangement, until a game of strip poker gets out of hand.

Wild Wyoming Nights isn't the only thing Abby and Chase find when their two tragic worlds collide. They find something much deeper, and a spirit which has sworn to never let go.
Warning: Quick lustful sex, anal sex, and quivering hormones

What a wonderful story of two lost souls. I'm a sucker for tragic heroes and heroines that get their day. I felt for them, cheered and yelled. And while the editing errors I found distracting, (which could have been because it's an Ebook. We do have these small problems, sometimes) I needed to keep reading and wanted to know when their Happily Ever After was going to happen.

If you're looking for an Erotic Romance with lots of emotional pull, Wild Wyoming Nights will satisfy in every way possible. LOL Pun intended! *winks* Congratulation, Sandy Sullivan on Four Blue Roses!
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Have a Sparkling Day!
Rebecca Rose


  1. Wonderful review, Rebecca - great story, Sandy!! :)

  2. Sandy, you know i love your lusty cowboy story.
    Rebecca, you have a lovely site here.

  3. Thank you for stopping by!
    Sarah, I love lusty cowboys too! Can't wait to read the next. :)